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Store Factory Settings

Store Factory Settings

Ezy-FLASH begins by making a verified copy of the factory ECU settings. Factory settings can be reset at any time upon demand.

Increase Horse Power

Increase Horsepower

Ezy-FLASH can provide big increases in horsepower and torque by changing injector flow, timing, boost and rev limits. Ezy-FLASH lets you get the most out of your custom engine modifications.

All software included

All Software Included

Ezy-FLASH includes powerful Tune Manager software and can log data for up to 2 1/2 days. Data logs and tunes can be emailed for later outside analysis.

Easy to use

Easy To Use

Ezy-FLASH quickly and easily plugs into your vehicle's OBDll port. Just push a few buttons and your horsepower and torque can be increased in minutes.

Better fuel economy

Better Fuel Economy

Tunes can be customized to decrease horsepower and fuel consumption. Perfect for economical commuting or loaning your car!

Better performance

Better Performance

Tunes can be customized to increase horsepower, improving the performance of your car. Unlock the untapped potential that your vehicle has to offer.

2 year warranty

2-year Warranty

Ezy-FLASH is the original handheld ECU reflasher and has the best warranty coverage in the industry!