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About Ezy-FLASH

Ezy-FLASHEzy-FLASH is the original handheld ECU reflasher.  Incorporating the latest technology in engine management software, Ezy-FLASH plugs directly into your vehicle’s OBDII port and creates two copies of your vehicle’s ECU factory settings.  This allows the original settings to be quickly and easily reinstalled upon demand. With ROM capacity to store over 100 tunes, Ezy-FLASH is powerful enough to satisfy the programming needs of the most hardcore user.

Ezy-FLASH is self-contained so it eliminates the need to return to the shop to switch or upgrade tunes. Tunes can be acquired from your favorite tuning shop via e-mail, if you choose. Ezy-FLASH can greatly increase your vehicle’s horsepower and torque in minutes with just the push of a few buttons, without compromising the factory’s safety parameters. Tunes can be configured to take full advantage of the most extensive modifications to vehicle systems, including fuel injectors, camshafts, cylinder heads, exhaust systems, and even forced induction.

Ezy-FLASH is compatible with existing open source software currently on the market. Customized tunes can easily be uploaded into your Ezy-FLASH using the supplied Tune Manager software. In addition to your customized tunes, there can also be specific tunes for valet mode which can limit your vehicle’s maximum speed, anti-theft mode which can prohibit your vehicle’s unauthorized use and even a fuel economy mode which can maximize efficiency while driving around town in normal traffic.

Ezy-FLASH is capable of reading parameter data from compatible vehicles using the OBDII port. Ezy-FLASH can read and clear diagnostic trouble codes, which is especially helpful in identifying faults within the factory system or clearing recurring “Check Engine” light settings in the vehicle. This may eliminate the need for costly trips to a repair shop to resolve simple issues.

Ezy-FLASH has a data logging mode with two functions: Live Data Display and High-Speed Logging. Live Data Display presents four commonly used variables on the Ezy-FLASH simultaneously and are displayed on the LCD screen. These are: RPM, Load, Knock SUM and Injector Duty Cycle. High Speed Logging quickly saves a preselected group of parameters to memory. This data can be analyzed by downloading the data from the Ezy-FLASH device to a PC using the Tune Manager software. Ezy-FLASH can log data for up to two and a half days and the data can be e-mailed for outside analysis.

Ezy-FLASH has a 2-year warranty - the best coverage in the industry. Ezy-FLASH is the original handheld ECU reflasher.

Ezy-FLASH is supplied with OBDII cable, programming cable, USB cable, Tune Manager software, Quick Start Guide and a 2 year warranty.