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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is EzyFLASH?

Q. How does EzyFLASH work?

Q. What vehicles does Ezy-FLASH support?

Q. What vehicles will Ezy-FLASH support in the future?

Q. Do I need different Ezy-FLASH units for different Subaru models?

Q. Can I make my own tunes without buying Tune Manager Pro?

Q. Can I keep my Ezy-FLASH and use it on my new car?

Q. Which applications will our products support?

Q. What is XEDE?

Q. How does XEDE work?

Q. Can I install them myself?

Q. What are tunes? What are Open-source tunes? Can I use them?

Q. What is Tune Manager PRO?

Q. Where can I find EzyFLASH and XEDE?

Quick Download Links

Ezy-FLASH Quick Start Guide
Tune Manager Pro Tuning Basics Tutorial Video

Technical FAQs